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El Generalé Mask


In these strange days, wearing a face mask in public has become the new normal.  Who’d of thought that a global pandemic could turn a fetish into fashion in only a few weeks.

You many not be planning to overthrow a regime, or wage war against a zombie invasion, but if you are going out in public, and want to keep yourself safe, you might as well be stylish at the same time. 

Our new range of face masks are designed to be worn over your medically approved filtration mask while matching to your clothes, the occasion, or just making a bold individual statement.

Made of quality printed, leather-look material with polished steel studs, these camouflage masks are designed to cover your nose and mouth. They will fit any size using adjustable straps.   

We are making these as fast as we can, under the constraints of the current lockdown conditions imposed on UK businesses. 

For this reason, supplies are limited. 

Like all Spitfire designs; when they are gone, they are gone forever - so order while stocks last.  

Orders will be despatched in the order they are received. Strictly first-come first-served. 

Note: These are fashion not filtration masks. They are not designed or proven to provide any form of protection for the respiratory system against COVID-19 or any other airborne infection. Our recommendation is to always wear a good quality filtration mask underneath when in public or close proximity to people you suspect of carrying any form of infection.