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BLM Commemorative Hoodie Jacket


A fresh, new, limited edition design for 2020.

We have given our leather trackie-hoodies a restart to reflect the tougher times we are all facing this year.

This new design of hoodie-jacket is made from heavy-duty vegan leather. Double hemmed seams and with Spitfire signature red-satin lining throughout make this a luxury item which will last.

The BLM Fist logo covers the entire back and is sown in two layers; with white base and black negative-space to render a striking visible image which displays your support for a global cause. 

Two white appliqué “go-faster” stripes run the length of each sleeve.

Waistband and cuffs are black elasticated cotton, while the hood can be pulled tight using the integral cotton draw-strings.

These hoodie-jackets are already proving to be extremely popular so don’t wait, they are racing our of our warehouse.