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American Hero Cosplay Suit


Fly the flag with our ultra-patriotic American Hero Suit.  

Featuring timeless symbolism and a striking design wearing this suit will make you feel you can save the world, defeat the baddies, make grown men cry and others throw underwear. 

Influenced by decades of comic book art, tv series and motion picture blockbusters, our all-leather Superhero Suits are full body, figure-hugging garments designed to make you stand out from the crowd of cheap party-shop and fancy dress costumes on the market. 

Spitfire Superhero Suits are made to order and come in 9 standard (International/UK) sizes but can be fine-tuned to ensure a perfect fit. 

If you require adjustment of our standard suit dimensions please select the closest fit from our standard sizes, then complete the size measurement chart below and send it to quoting your order number.

Manufacture of your suit can take between 14-21 days from the date of order, so please ensure you provide all information in good time. If you are planning your costume for a specific event allow extra time in the weeks leading up to major events.


  • Constructed with premium 1.3mm full-grain bovine leather
  • Multiple-stitched main seam construction provides maximum tear resistance
  • High-density perforation zones throughout suit plus perforated leather panels on torso and arms
  • Extended, reinforced stretch kevlar fiber panels on arms, crotch and legs for superb fit and easy movement.
  • Accordion leather stretch inserts on lumbar, knees, elbows and rear shoulders
  • Fixed mesh liner features built-in stretch inserts
  • Premium YKK fasteners used on garment. 
  • Lightweight, contoured stretch calf panels, plus zippered expansion gusset

Please note: Spitfire Leather superhero suits are novelty costumes and will not allow you to leap tall buildings, stop bullets, blades or laser rays, neither will they give you protection if used in motorbike or rocket-suit chases.