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Clean, Kill, Stop - Leather Clean and Protect Kit



Our new anti-bacterial clean and protect kit is suitable for most surfaces including leather, vinyl and latex.

When normal surfaces are disinfected with household cleaners, this process kills 99% of bacteria, but as soon as an object, or human contact is placed on the surface, bacteria is present again immediately. The result would be that bacteria can still spread. 

Our specially formulated Clean, Kill, Stop - Leather Clean and Protect Kit cleans the and then protects the surface from the spread of bacteria and odours on all items that cannot be washed in a traditional manner.

The kit contains products to complete a three-step clean and protect process. 


Stage 1- Bacteria Clean - 100ml

A pre-wash for surfaces to remove dirt, the pre-wash is powered by Micro-FreshⓇ which inhibits bacteria re-growth so you can move on to stage 2.


Stage 2 - Bacteria Kill - 100ml

This is a ready-to-use bacterial killer effective against 99% of bacteria which cause the spread of germs, odours and viruses.


Stage 3 - Bacteria Stop - 100ml

Bacteria Stop is powered by a super-concentrated Micro-FreshⓇ. It prevents 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria forming on surfaces. When Bacteria Stop is applied to the surface it prevents bacteria transferring to the treated surface, keeping it 99.9% bacteria-free up to a month.



Each product in the three-stage process simply wipes on using the sponge provided. Allow each product to dry fully before applying the next.


Warning: Although our products are entirely water-based and have been tested and proven not to cause any harm to leather garments, always test a small hidden area first, before wider application.